उन भटके हुये पथिकों के नाम जो ग्रह नक्षत्रों के प्रभाव, प्रारब्ध और भाग्य के थपेड़ों को झुठलाते हुये असंतुष्ट और बोझिल जीवन जी रहे हैं।

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Welcome to the site...

All the human being are governed by planets no matter he is European, Asian and jyotish is the only science which can decode the language of planets. We the traditional astrologers people have to come to define you what your planets are saying about your destiny.

Jyotish For You
People who believes in astrology they really don't know that Traditional Indian Astrology is no doubt the only most important allied part of astrology that completely cures and cares you by solving your problems on the real track of Traditional Indian Astrology on the real platform of Indian Astrology.
Indian Astrology consists of many things like, Pooja, Anusthans, vrata, Dhyan, Vastu, Horoscope, Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, Divine Therapy and many more.
Through this website you can find the best option and customize option for your problems and the most important concept of the site is that you not need to

come to us but from your place whether you are in Mumbai, Bangalore or New York, can get our services at your door.
Match Making
Contact Us at contact@jyotishforyou.com, tewariak36@rediffmail.com, astro.chintak@yahoo.com or call us at 0-9450143055
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